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How To Recognize Signs That It’s Time For Assisted Living

time for assisted livingMaking the choice to put a loved one into an assisted living facility can be one of the most difficult choices we have to make as adults. It can be a painful process that’s often met with resistance from those who are most in need of assistance with day-to-day chores and activities, but you must remain firm. In order to do that, it helps to know for sure that it really is time for your loved one to go to an assisted living facility.

You’re Afraid To Leave Them Alone

Even the most capable of us have times when we forget to turn off the oven or unplug the iron, but if it happens regularly, it might be time to consider an assisted living facility. Many people can continue taking care of themselves well into their golden years, but if your loved one appears to be slipping in even the most basic aspects of self-care, you should probably start looking for an assisted living facility for them.

Changes in Housekeeping

Failing to maintain their normal level of cleanliness around the house and/or hoarding can both be signs that their ability to care for themselves is declining and they need help.

The Level Of Care They Need Continues To Rise

Many people try to take care of their senior friends and family members themselves by having them live with them. This can be a great way to make sure they remain an active part of the family, but if the amount of care they need rises too high, it can become a problem for all of you. There’s only so much friends and family can do, and when the level of care needed by the senior citizen starts to rise above and beyond what you can provide, it’s time to start looking for professional help.


Wandering can be one of the earliest signs of cognitive decline if your loved one tries to go to a store that no longer exists or insists on shopping at odd hours. When that starts to happen, their confusion could potentially put them in dangerous situations. You can do your best to keep an eye on them, but you cannot possibly watch them 24/7. What you’ll need instead is an assisted living facility with the resources necessary to care for your loved one and make sure they don’t wander off.


Paranoia can take all sorts of forms, from hiding money in various places around the house to outright accusing friends and family members of trying to harm or trick them. It’s a common sign of aging, as well as cognitive decline from a variety of sources (Alzheimer’s, stroke, etc.). It can be especially difficult to convince a paranoid senior to move into an assisted living facility, but it’s more necessary than ever. Paranoid individuals can often end up hurting themselves by accident and no one wants to take that risk with their loved ones.

Here at Stillwater Senior Living, we treat our residents like family. Our apartments include studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom suites. They are designed with security features, maximum accessibility, and include walk-out patois with a full range of amenities for the entire family.

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10 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

hobbies for seniorsHobbies are a great way for retired citizens to stay active, both physically and mentally and the importance of having a hobby in our golden years is backed up by an increasing body of evidence. If you or a loved one are considering what to do with your retirement years, here are 10 healthy hobbies seniors can start/develop.

1) Volunteering

One of the most detrimental effects of retirement is it tends to make people feel like they are no longer useful. It often leads to them feeling cut off from society, which in turn leads to depression and a variety of health issues. Volunteering can combat those feelings by giving seniors a purpose again and a way to become active in the community.

2) Exercise

We’re all told to exercise and maintain physical activity throughout our lives and it’s even more important to continue doing so as we age. From walking to yoga there’s something for everyone, including those whose mobility is limited as they get older. Swimming is especially popular among seniors who often suffer from joint pain as a result of lost cartilage.

3) Gardening

Many studies have been done on the health benefits of gardening. To start with, it gets you outside and moving, both things that are known to boost mood, immune system function, and overall health. You can make it an even healthier activity by growing some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

4) Music

Whether singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or all three, music is a great way to keep minds and bodies feeling young. It’s enjoyable, provides mental and physical stimulation, and can be done with a partner or in a group for an added social aspect.

5) Games

Psychologists have long known about the long-term health benefits of things like crossword puzzles and that continues to be true for all mentally challenging games. People of all ages who play games like Scrabble and chess exhibit enhanced cognitive function.

6) Arts and Crafts

There’s nothing like creating something with your own hands. Arts and crafts can keep seniors active, maintain/improve their coordination, and provide a creative outlet for their thoughts and feelings.

7) Learn a New Skill

They say you learn something new everyday and that should remain true right up until the end. If you’ve always wondered how to identify birds or poisonous plants, your retirement years just might be the perfect time to find the answers to all those questions that have been plaguing you your whole life – or the last five minutes.

8) Fermentation

If you’ve always wanted to try making your own beer or wine, there’s no time like the present.

9) Creative Writing

Writing is another form of expression and a great option for people of any age. Whether you want to use your retirement years to put together that novel you’ve always wanted to write, or just short stories for your own amusement, creative writing has proven benefits for cognitive and emotional health.

10) Keep a Pet

There’s nothing like have a living, sentient being literally depend on you for survival to make you feel needed and useful. It’s also a symbiotic relationship because having a pet is known to improve mood and immune function while reducing stress and blood pressure.

The need to stay active is so important in the life of a senior. There are many options for seniors to stay active. Here at Stillwater Senior Living, our staff can provide stimulating activities to keep our seniors engaged and occupied. 

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How to Keep Holiday Traditions Alive in Assisted Living

holidays in assisted living

As the song says, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. But for some seniors, this season can be stressful. The holiday season is full of traditions and memories that can trigger emotions, even loneliness. It’s up to caregivers to lift the spirits of our seniors and help remember the good times while creating new memories that can be thought upon for years to come.

At Stillwater Senior Living, we are getting in the spirit of the season in much the same way families here in Edwardsville, IL do. We encourage our residents to get involved in the many holiday activities that are happening between now and the end of the year. Time with friends, family and neighbors is really the reason for the season. It can be the best medicine for beating stress and confusion that can be brought on by the holidays.

The following are some tips that will help you to help your loved one get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the season.


One of the best ways to get your loved ones in the holiday spirit is to encourage them to decorate their personal living space. Bring them some special ornaments to hang on their own personal tree. Having grandchildren assist in the decorating can create special memories while making their living space cozy and warm.

Baking and Cooking

Seniors often have special recipes that they have passed down to loved ones. Why not include them in the baking and cooking process? They would find a lot of joy in assisting their grandchildren with baking those special Christmas cookies and decorating them.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Encourage your loved one to talk about loved ones from their past and share their stories of Christmases past. It can help lift their spirits and keep them feeling happy the whole season long. Look at old photo albums, home movies, and listen to holiday music to help bring back memories of happy holiday memories of the past.

Holiday Cards

Get a box of holiday cards and have your loved one help you address them. Keeping in touch with friends and family during the holiday season can bring your loved one lots of joy. They will also have joy when they get cards in return from family and friends across the country.

Holiday Outings

Take your loved one on a shopping trip. They can buy gifts for their friends and loved ones. The sun during the day will do them so good. Seniors that get out in the sunlight are less likely to suffer from seasonal affective disorder. At night, take them on a drive to look at Christmas lights. If it’s cold outside, bring along a thermos of hot chocolate to keep them warm. A blanket might be a good idea as well.

Holidays are built upon tradition. They strengthen the bonds with our loved ones. They influence our mood and bring us joy. These traditions are meant to be forever. Here at Stillwater Senior Living, we encourage our residents to keep family traditions alive and share them with other residents.

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Why Technology in a Senior Living Community Matters

technology in a senior living communityToday’s seniors are living longer, fuller lives and it is becoming more relevant as to why technology in a Senior Living Community matters. They, and their families, are looking for housing options that match their wants and needs. Seniors want to live as independently as possible, but have the option of help if they need it. Senior living communities are seen more and more as the perfect solution to have help standing by, as well as the social opportunities that come from such a community.

Technology is a big part of how the senior lifestyle is changing. According to recent research data, almost 60% of today’s seniors go online, and nearly 80% have a cell phone. Even though seniors have been a little slow to jump on the technology bandwagon, their tech savvy continues to grow.

As a matter of fact, state-of-the-art technology services are starting to become a prerequisite when seniors and their families are evaluating housing choices. With technology now being a requirement, communities are being upgraded and built with that in mind. For a newer community, including technology is a given. One way communities are catering to today’s seniors is by making sure Wi-Fi is available.

Technology Is Not Just for Leisure Anymore

Technology is not just for leisure. Many senior communities are incorporating advanced technology to improve efficiency and provide a safer environment for their residents. For instance, some skilled nursing communities are using sensory patches that can monitor how often a person turns while they are sleeping. This helps caregivers to determine when assistance may be needed during the night.

Technology can track caregivers and determine response time when a resident calls for help. It can also monitor who goes in and out of the room. In many places, this technology can be used to monitor a resident’s medication schedule. When a caregiver gives a resident their medication, they can enter the time the medicine was given into the database so the person on the next shift knows when to give the next dose.

An example of our technology would be the R-Care System we use. R-Care is a provider of tested wireless nurse call and personal emergency response systems for the entire spectrum of senior living. R-Care components integrate into a variety of healthcare communication systems to create verifiable and efficient responses to medical emergencies. R-Care works with a distribution partner to build and individualized and flexible system to enhance caregiving and quality of life. We are proud to say that we are the only community in the area that offers such technology.

Technology plays a very important role in how we care for the health and safety of our residents here at Stillwater Senor Living. To find out more about our community and how we use technology to care for our seniors, CONTACT US TODAY for more information and to schedule a tour of our beautiful state-of-the-art community.