making mom feel specialEven though Mother’s Day for this year is over, Mom isn’t just the best mom one day out of the year. She’s the best mom all year long, so why not get her some gifts that will help her feel special all year long? Below we have a few ideas for you to keep her feeling special longer!

Beauty Gift Set

The best thing about a beauty gift set is that it’s customizable. You can fill it with face masks and body lotions for the mom who loves those things, or if your mom prefers bath salts and scented candles, you can fill your gift set with those. Whatever is sure to make her feel pampered can go into the beauty gift set you put together just for her.

A gift certificate to her favorite beauty salon is another obvious choice. Whether it’s a salon she’s been going to for decades that you can take her to visit, or if her assisted living community has its own salon she can visit whenever she wants, a beauty salon gift certificate is a great way to help your mom look her best so she can feel her best.

Customizable Blankets and Pillows

We’ve already talked about photo albums and digital picture frames you can give mom to help her feel close to you even when you can’t be around, now let’s talk about all the things you can order with a unique photo printed on it. Online stores such as Etsy have vendors who will sell you mugs, blankets and throw pillows printed with whatever picture you send them. Why not give mom a blanket printed with a family photo so she can literally wrap herself in your love? Or a pillow with a view from a favorite vacation she can treasure every time she sees it sitting on her couch or armchair? Get creative with the different ways you can be a part of her life.

A Sampler of Her Favorite Goodies

If your mom likes coffee or tea (or both), you can buy her a gift basket with a sampling of different kinds of coffee, tea, or both. If she prefers chocolate or cookies, you can buy her a gift basket with a variety of chocolates or cookies. What better way to pamper mom than with her favorite goodies to eat and drink?

Electric Kettle

If your mom’s assisted living residence doesn’t have a stove, she might have to make the trek down the hall and/or downstairs to make her favorite warm beverage, but with an electric kettle, she can just plug it in, fill it with water, and brew herself a cuppa in the comfort of her own apartment, and it’s completely safe.

If your mom is not currently in assisted living, but you think it might be time to start looking, we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our assisted living options, as well as the services we provide. Just click here to get started.