“How do I begin? The Stillwater staff consistently provides a sense of warmth and family. In providing many services they not only do their assigned job, but fill in where help is needed. Thank you! I first came here with a serious condition, and the nurses were so attentive. They went above and beyond! The therapy here is outstanding! They taught me how to walk again, dress myself and how to function in life again. This department really cares for their patients. Great group of amazing women with amazing skills as well as helping you laugh through the pain. The food is always wonderful. My apartment is always fresh and clean. Laundry takes special care of my belongings. My meds are always on time. I appreciate you all from the bottom of my heart and love you all so much. Thank you!”

“I consider myself to be a very lucky man. I feel like I am living in a glorious hotel with all necessities at my disposal. Stillwater provides a very happy and peaceful atmosphere. Life is good and I thank the Lord every day. My favorite memory was the night with Lexi and Bill at the Moose Lodge for trivia. It was such a treat to have been invited. I love all the staff equally and they all provide many different services but Maggie sticks out to me. She’s very eager and helpful with questions, situations, and faithfully researches what is required. She always brightens the day.”

“Their smiles and helpfulness are two of my favorite things about Stillwater. I appreciate Lexi because she listens when you need to talk and is great about watching the residents in her group. The staff always show that they care.”

“My favorite things about Stillwater are the activities, the care we get, Housekeeping and Laundry and the great MC that provided for my wife. I appreciate Stephanie for the trouble she has gone through with returning my packages. I love how I am asked to make things; it’s a wonderful feeling to feel wanted and that I can help. Thank you to Tara, Shameem, Emily, Stephanie, Kathy, Lexi, and Gay Lynn! Everyone is so good to me.”

“It’s hard to choose my favorite thing about Stillwater. It’s all my favorite. From the planned activities and outings to the staff and the food! When I first moved to Stillwater, Tara called me Barb one day in the hallway. From that day forth we always called each other Barb. Kathy W is exceptional! Her personality and spunk is amazing and she has such contagious energy!”

My favorite thing about Stillwater is that we are free do to what we want without feeling forced. I like the wellness partners because they help me. I also really appreciate the other employees for all they do.”

“I like that everything is clean and the washing of clothes is done properly. I like that if you want private time you have it and aren’t forced to come down for things. It’s nice to have that time to myself. Gay Lynn is super helpful that whenever I need something she orders it! She’s also a book of knowledge! Thank you Holly, I like when she comes in to see me for showers or meds; she is a good worker.”

“My favorite thing about Stillwater is their comfort and kindness! The cleaning and laundry ladies always do such a great job!”

“My favorite thing about Stillwater is the manicures and spa days! They make me feel pampered and loved. I also enjoy the outings and activities here. Sandy does a great job making my bed and folding my laundry. The morning dining staff is great especially Kelly; she’s super nice! Intern Mady was a great addition as well.”

“To the Stillwater Staff,
Words cannot express the appreciation we feel as a grateful family for all your love and support during these dark days.  Your generous donation to our father’s scholarship fund was a very special and cherished surprise and will surely honor both of our dearly parted parents. Your presence at the services was priceless and will be remembered always.  You are a group of very special people, and how you continue to do what you do each day in terms of showing love, patience, kindness and caring in the face of constant adversity and breathtaking to behold.  The support we felt from everyone from the first day until the last (and even beyond) has been nothing short of amazing.  We are blessed that you have chosen to show your God-given gifts and talents in the loving ways that you did and do.  Words are not enough to express our eternal gratitude!”