apps for older peopleTechnology is developing faster than ever, leaving many senior citizens feeling left behind as they try to figure out what an app is, much less how it works. To help them with the transition, here are some of the best apps for older people:

  • Park ‘n’ Forget

We all have trouble remembering where we parked our car, especially as lots and garages get increasingly crowded this time of year. Park ‘n’ Forget for iPhone allows you to do just that – park your car and forget about it. When it’s time to leave, your phone will help you remember where you parked. It can even help keep track of time for metered parking spaces.

  • Lumosity

This app for iPhone was designed by neuroscientists to help keep memory sharp with hundreds of games and puzzles. It has been proven to improve recall and retention, making it perfect for those who worry about losing their memory as they get older.

  • Skype

Many senior citizens were wary of Facebook before they realized they could use it to see pictures of their grandchildren. Skype is the next level in bringing together friends and family members who have been separated by miles. Can’t make it to the assisted living facility to visit grandma this weekend? If she has Skype, you can just dial her number and have a quick face-to-face conversation with her and the kids. It won’t be the same as an in-person visit, but it will be better than a faceless phone call. It’s available for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Pillboxie

This app for iPhone and iPad allows you to schedule the times when you take your different medications, and then it reminds you to take them at those times. You can even customize by color and sort your medications into a pillbox graphic on the app that contains sections to keep the medications separate. It will help you keep your medications organize and make sure you never forget to take your medications again.

  • Blood Pressure Monitor

This app for iPhone and iPad allows you to record and track your blood pressure and weight without a trip to the doctor’s office. It also provides information on health statistics, so you know where you stand and where you need to be in order to meet your health goals. You can even export this information to your doctor so they can have a regular record of how successful you’ve been at managing your blood pressure and weight, rather than the one time they measure it in the office.

  • Voice Reading

This app for Android can read text aloud from the Internet, emails, text messages, and text files. It’s ideal for seniors who might have trouble reading the tiny type presented on their smartphone screens. It can also help prevent further damage to their eyes by allowing them to look elsewhere while they listen to the app read aloud for them instead of spending an extended period of time looking at a backlit screen full of blue light, which is known to negatively affect our health.

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