You Can Made A Difference At Any Age

You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. Today was my mom’s wedding anniversary. Sixty-seven years ago, she was slipping into a beautiful satin bridal gown, bought off the rack and altered for her to wear for her morning wedding. How fitting, that today, she was lovingly handling wedding gowns

Some residents and family members very gently deconstructed the gowns. Undoing seams, removing zippers and crinoline, but leaving behind the luxurious, gorgeous fabric to be re-purposed into infant bereavement gowns for Allison’s Angel Gowns.< This not-for-profit was established in memory of the founder’s infant daughter who lived only one day. Volunteer seamstresses create the unique outfits using fabric from donated bridal gowns or very light pastel colored bridesmaid dresses. Our residents’ volunteerism efforts today helped whittle down Allison’s Angel Gowns’ current inventory of gowns awaiting deconstruction. Their efforts were punctuated by stories about their own weddings and past sewing projects. And to the future recipient families, the gowns silently convey loving condolences from a larger community. This is one of several volunteer activities offered for resident participation. Previously we made items for a pet rescue’s upcoming auction. Additionally we encourage letter writing between our residents and school children in Zambia, Africa. You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. Making a difference in others’ lives is just one amazing element of Vibrant Living… Defined! You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. At Stillwater, we don’t want to alter your life for our convenience. Our residents won’t have to conform to a regimented schedule. Open dining and personalized assistance plans help you have the flexibility you desire. We offer as much or as little help and interaction as our residents need, and we work with families as residents’ needs change. Communication between our team and your family is key as we come together in an extended family. We want to hear what is important to you. We want you to continue to grow and learn as we support you in pursuing your goals. Help us incorporate your unique history as we build our future together by sharing your recipes, traditions, pictures, and dreams. Vivian Helm

Good stuff happening everyday!

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Yes, Good stuff happening everyday! This week has been another busy but very good time together! We have been enjoying our beautiful fall door decorations that we each created last week and now are displayed on the apartment doors of all those who joined us in this project! We have played word games to keep our minds active and enjoyed a few rounds of BUNKO with our new extra large dice. Jim won three rounds and the rest of us only won a total of one each, but a good time was had by all. We played host to a couple of awesome young ladies from the Happy Up Store here in Edwardsville.

They introduced us to 5 new games that we have never seen before and we all enjoyed the time together. The Residents voted on which games that they liked best and we purchased 3 for them to have here as their own to use here in our Community. We exercised using Chair Yoga, Nia Dance and our usual Senior Services Plus exercise class. We spent time outdoors in our courtyard playing bean bag toss and a couple games of washers. Several stayed longer to just enjoy the fresh air, visit with friends and enjoy a glass of lemonade.

Book club this week included a short story full of humor and another longer story about 2 young boys and the influence that a special elderly mentor had made in their life. We will enjoy hand massages today followed by a trip to Culver’s for frozen custard! This is extra special to one of our Residents who has a Grandson who works there! Good Stuff happening everyday!

Debbie Morris

Rcare State of the Art Call & Communication System

Rcare State of the Art Call & Communication System is simply summoning help with the touch of a button is one main reason for choosing an assisted living community. Traditionally buttons are found in bathrooms and at bedsides. Yet today’s technology enables us to quickly identify the resident’s location — whether sitting in their living room, chatting in the lounge or visiting on their patio.

Rcare is our portable, private and personal, communication system via personal pendants and community-wide wi-fi. Wellness partners’ mobile devices give immediate access to care plans, timed medicine reminders, daily notes, or scheduled appointments right at their fingertips.

The Rcare sticker affixed on the apartment’s inside door frame is scanned upon entrance and immediately pulls up that resident’s specific information. Another scan done upon exiting, prompts wellness partners to select the appropriate action or add notes, concerns or items for future monitoring. Automatic recording of time and length of resident encounters to assure proper staff coverage.

Waterproof pendants or wrist bands are worn ensuring help can be summoned to their whereabouts anywhere in the community – patio, courtyard, common areas or even the parking lot. Response time is reduced because calls/messages can be retrieved by partner while en route and can notify others a partner is already responding. The text message capacity assures privacy of the situation, alleviating the potential to overhear a resident’s medical or personal needs.

Come see how this system enhances Vibrant Living at Stillwater Senior Living!

Vivian Helm


73815_1719073735639_4275210_nOur pets: Rowdy, Cinder, Gizmo, Shadow, Misty, Jack, Petey, Angel, Peyton, Jersey, Jovi, Chelsey, Carley and Hunter. They are part of our family you probably haven’t met yet. They are our pets.

Our pets’ monikers stem from their color, size, personality, a nod to a sports icon, or simply an endearing term. Their unconditional love and companionship coupled with their roles as a willing exercise partner, active playmate, household guardian, and trusted confidant, keeper of secrets.

Now science has substantiated that having pets reduces our stress, lowers our blood pressure, promote mobility, eases isolation, increases socialization and just makes us… happy! 3586

Though dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” but one should substitute the word pets to be most accurate.

Recognizing their unique roles in our family and yours, Stillwater is designed as a pet-friendly community/ Each apartment comes with its own outside patio and door, a fenced dog run and even concierge pet services should a resident no longer ably attend to the needs of his/her pet.

At Stillwater Senior Living, we are not just pet friendly, we love pets! and are well aware of the many positive physical and emotional benefits that pets provide. That’s why pets are not only permitted in the apartments – hey are most welcomed! We’ve found they help our residents thrive daily. Research suggests that in addition to providing companionship, pets can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower instances of stress, depression, and loneliness in their owners.

10300868_10204413047865236_7648128467184351274_nOur pet friendly landscaping plan includes a dog run designed to allow you and your dog a chance to be outside and enjoy some time off of their leash. We are happy to provide assistance caring for your pet!

Our Pet Concierge service is available to help manage those tasks. We can even help you keep up to date on your furry friend’s medical and grooming needs.

Just ask us anything about caring for your pet’s needs and we will make sure you get the answers and help you need today.