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Stillwater Senior Living knows how to honor Veteran’s with style and joyfully celebrate Veteran’s Day! Flags adorned our entry way, social areas, as well as our property outdoors. Our Veteran’s Day’s Activities began with our Veteran’s sharing their stories in our Fireside Lounge. We passed our Karaoke microphone around so we all could benefit from the volume and fully hear each others stories and thoughts. Some of the stories from our Residents made us laugh out loud and another one brought us to tears. We heard from not only our Veterans, but also from each of the Widows of Veterans who now call Stillwater Senior Living their home.

Following our delicious Veteran’s Day lunch of barbecued brisket, baked beans, potato salad, and corn on the cob. We gathered once again to listen to Patriotic Music brought to us by our guest Lynn Wellman. He included many of our old favorite songs in his playlist as well. The entire hour I could hear a variety of voices as each of our Residents sang along to Lynn’s magical fingers that played the keyboards in the most eloquent way! We served star shaped cookies with Red, White, and Blue icing to all who desired one. I would say that these cookies were a hit, because we had only 5 left from our huge tray after our Happy Hour had ended!

The Stillwater Bus was also all decked out for this special Veteran’s Day! Vinyl banners were on each side of our bus bearing the name of each of our Veterans and the branch of military in which they had honorably served! From the beginning to the very end of our day, we enjoyed celebrating this most special day together. We eagerly look forward to appreciating and celebrating each day of our veteran’s lives here at Stillwater Senior Living!

God bless our Veterans!