aging in placeThe term aging in place appears to be everywhere these days. Everyone is telling us how we can “age in place” and giving us tips and tools and technology to help us do so, but what does that really mean? Should we even want to age in place?

The Stats

While a lot of people talk about studies showing as many as 90% of older Americans want to live at home, according to a study conducted by AARP just last year, only about 76% of Americans aged 50 and older want to stay at home. The rest are looking forward to living in a community of people their own age who remember the politics and pop culture from decades ago.

Is the Push to “Age in Place” Ageism?

Our culture has long been obsessed with youth and beauty, and while there are certain advantages to having those things, life has much more to offer. One of the best parts of aging is the wisdom and experience that comes with age, so when people are constantly telling us to “age in place” it can feel a little like they’re telling us to give up all our hard-earned knowledge. Who wants that?

The Importance of Socializing

Everyone enjoys socializing with people their own age. As kids, we tend to congregate with other kids our age, and as we grow into adulthood, we seek out people who are going through the same stages of life we’re experiencing.

The same goes for older adults. As much as we love our kids and grandkids, they just can’t understand us on the same level as our peers. While it’s nice to have a helping hand around the house, and to spend time with our family, we also need to spend time with people who understand what we’re going through and who can reminisce with us about “the good old days”.

Socializing can be tough for older Americans who try to stay at home, especially if they live in an area where they’re largely isolated from other people their own age. There’s a reason assisted living communities talk so much about the activities they host to make sure their residents remain actively engaged in the social life of the community – not only is it healthier for them, it also makes their lives more fulfilling and enjoyable.

Talking to Your Loved One

We talk to people every day who have trouble convincing their loved one it’s time for assisted living because of the stigma surrounding assisted living, but much of that stigma is already starting to dissipate as older Americans and their families recognize the many blessings assisted living can provide. If you think your loved one might need assisted living, but they’re resistant to the idea, try pointing out all the benefits (to them, not just to you as their caregiver). If you haven’t talked to them about it in a while, bring it up again and see what they say because you might find that their attitude on the subject has completely changed, especially if they have friends who are living in an assisted living community and loving it!

If all else fails, bring them in for a tour. Aging in place can be done here! Once you tour our gorgeous community, you will be happy to age in place here! We’d be happy to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

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