At Stillwater Senior Living, we understand that providing high-quality memory care involves adapting to the changing needs and preferences of our residents throughout the year. Our approach to indoor memory care activities ensures that residents remain engaged, happy, and well-cared for. Regardless of the season, we also make sure all our residents are properly hydrated, which is very important, so they can enjoy the fun now matter the time of year. Here’s a guide to how we tailor our indoor memory care activities throughout the year.

Spring: Renewal and Growth

Spring Crafts

Spring is a time of renewal, and our residents can get creative with seasonal crafts. Activities like flower arranging, making bird feeders, and creating spring-themed decorations stimulate creativity and provide a sense of accomplishment.

Indoor Gardening

Even if the weather isn’t ideal, residents can participate in indoor gardening projects. Planting herbs and small flowers in pots can bring the joys of gardening indoors, enhancing sensory experiences and providing therapeutic benefits.

Music and Movement

Spring is perfect for re-energizing with music and movement sessions. Residents can enjoy dance classes, rhythm-based exercises, and music therapy, all designed to boost mood and physical health.

Summer: Sunshine and Activity

Summer Crafts

Crafting remains a favorite during summer. Residents can engage in making sun catchers, summer-themed paintings, and creating decorations that brighten up their living spaces. These activities encourage creativity and fine motor skills.

Baking and Cooking

Summer treats like making fruit salads, homemade lemonade, and baking light desserts are always popular. These activities stimulate the senses and offer delicious rewards, enhancing both social and cognitive functions.

Movie Nights

With longer evenings, summer is ideal for themed movie nights. Residents can enjoy classic films, musicals, or their favorite TV series, providing entertainment and opportunities for social interaction.

Fall: Reflection and Comfort

Harvest-Themed Crafts

As the seasons change, residents can create autumn crafts like leaf rubbings, making fall wreaths, and painting pumpkins. These activities evoke nostalgic memories and foster a sense of achievement.

Baking and Cooking

Fall is perfect for baking and cooking seasonal favorites. Residents can enjoy making apple pies, pumpkin bread, and hearty soups. These activities not only engage the senses but also bring a taste of home.

Knitting, crocheting, and creating winter-themed art are perfect for staying cozy indoors. These crafts provide relaxation and a sense of accomplishment, with finished projects that can be shared or displayed.

Cozy Crafts

Knitting, crocheting, and creating winter-themed art are perfect for staying cozy indoors. These crafts provide relaxation and a sense of accomplishment, with finished projects that can be shared or displayed.

Winter: Warmth and Celebration

Holiday Crafts

Winter brings holiday cheer with a variety of craft activities. Residents can make holiday ornaments, create festive cards, and decorate their living spaces. These activities bring joy and foster a sense of community.

Music and Storytelling

We host music sessions and storytelling hours where residents can enjoy their favorite songs and listen to or share stories. These activities improve memory recall and provide emotional warmth during the colder months.

Baking and Cooking

Winter is ideal for baking and cooking comfort foods. Residents can enjoy making cookies, cakes, and other treats that evoke holiday memories. These activities bring warmth and a festive spirit to our community.

Indoor Games and Puzzles

Indoor games and puzzles are a great way to keep residents engaged during winter. Activities like bingo, board games, and jigsaw puzzles help stimulate cognitive function and provide entertainment.

And don’t forget, we have regular outings all year long to multiple places! At Stillwater Senior Living, we believe that each season offers unique opportunities for our residents to engage in meaningful indoor activities. By adapting our memory care activities to the changing seasons, we ensure that our residents enjoy a fulfilling and enriched life year-round. If you or a loved one are interested in learning more about our memory care services, please contact us today to schedule a tour and meet our caring team.