Lakeside Memory Care Neighborhood

As a family owned and operated assisted living community that is also family oriented, the care and compassion we provide to our residents and their families comes straight from our own, personal experiences with extensive training in the various stages of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Our new memory care neighborhood includes:

State-of-the-Art Accommodations

This includes, not only technology, such as an advanced alarm security system with cameras for both exterior and interior monitoring, but also keeping our residents safe with our wander guard system. Our enhanced design of the common area has many details to deter your loved ones who are exit seeking.  For example, the inside of our main door looks like a bookshelf, so residents cannot immediately identify a door by which to leave and wander out on their own.  Many safety measures have been put into place with all exit doors.

24-Hour Nursing and Specially Trained Staff

Our memory-care staff have been specially trained in the various stages of dementia and Alzheimer’s and how to treat patients with those conditions. Not only do our residents get around-the-clock care, but we make sure they get the best care based on their personal needs.

Dementia-Care Capable Instructors/Practitioners on Staff

We recognize that learning how to interact with memory care residents is an ongoing process, which is why several of our management team are Dementia-Care Capable instructors and practitioners. This means we can train our staff in house, in the best ways, to interact with our memory care residents.  They are a fixed element of our team so they can be available to answer questions and train other staff members as needed, as required by state regulations.

Assistance with Daily Living

Unfortunately, memory illnesses tend to progress in many different ways, mentally and physically. Our staff is available 24/7 to aid residents with everything from bathing, dressing and medication administration, including helping with incontinence-related issues.

In-House Pharmacy, Lab, X-Ray, and Physical Therapy

We want to make sure as many of our residents’ needs are met on site as possible, which is why we have contracted in-house pharmacy,  lab, mobile X-ray, and a space with equipment devoted to physical, occupational, and speech therapy.  These services available in house make caring for your loved one efficient and convenient without having to transport them to receive these medical procedures out of the building.

Individualized Wellness Plans

This includes everything from flexible dining choices to social events and activities that are personalized to their physical and cognitive abilities, as well as their interests.

A Multi-Sensory Room

Our multi-sensory room, along with our life recognition stations, are designed to provide mental stimulation to help aid in delaying the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Open Floor Plan and Secured Lakeside Courtyard

We want our residents to feel at home as much as possible, which is why we have designed a main area with an open floor plan with plenty of comfortable furniture for residents to sit and socialize and engage in various activities. Our secured lakeside courtyard allows residents to get fresh air and take in the scenery, while the tall fence surrounding the property prevents any residents from wandering off.

Our residents have lived a life where certain amenities make them feel special and pampered. Our goal is to instill dignity and purpose for all our loved ones joining us. When our residents look and feel good, this can make a bad day quickly turn into a great day.  Our beauty salon and spa tub can help aid in this mood change.

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