We support African Vision of Hope, a Christian organization committed to bringing immediate and lasting solutions to children and families living in extreme poverty. We confront the root causes of poverty by providing opportunities to be educated, grow up healthy, develop leadership and economic skills and learn about God’s love. We do this by working in the areas stated below:

Helps children who attend the African Vision of Hope Schools walk away with the ability to make wise future life decisions and ensues that they will be presented with further opportunities after they graduate.

Food & Agriculture
This Program ensures that each child who comes to the African Vision of Hope Schools will receive a nutritious and healthy meal to help them focus in school and grow to their full physical potential.

Medical Care
Provides examinations, medical care and medical education for the children and families in the Zambian communities.

Spiritual Mentoring
The children we serve in the African Vision of Hope Schools will hear about Jesus Christ and how to develop and grow in a relationship with Him.

Clean Water & Sanitation
Is provided to the children and families in the communities surrounding the African Vision of Hope Christian Schools.

Community Leadership & Economic Development
African Vision of Hope helps the communities in Africa by providing education and leadership skill for children and adults. This helps increase their ability to support their families through their increased knowledge and skills acquired through these programs.

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Our Mission
Embracing generations through listening hearts, compassionate care and purposeful activities modeled in Christ’s love.