73815_1719073735639_4275210_nOur pets: Rowdy, Cinder, Gizmo, Shadow, Misty, Jack, Petey, Angel, Peyton, Jersey, Jovi, Chelsey, Carley and Hunter. They are part of our family you probably haven’t met yet. They are our pets.

Our pets’ monikers stem from their color, size, personality, a nod to a sports icon, or simply an endearing term. Their unconditional love and companionship coupled with their roles as a willing exercise partner, active playmate, household guardian, and trusted confidant, keeper of secrets.

Now science has substantiated that having pets reduces our stress, lowers our blood pressure, promote mobility, eases isolation, increases socialization and just makes us… happy! 3586

Though dogs are often referred to as “man’s best friend,” but one should substitute the word pets to be most accurate.

Recognizing their unique roles in our family and yours, Stillwater is designed as a pet-friendly community/ Each apartment comes with its own outside patio and door, a fenced dog run and even concierge pet services should a resident no longer ably attend to the needs of his/her pet.

At Stillwater Senior Living, we are not just pet friendly, we love pets! and are well aware of the many positive physical and emotional benefits that pets provide. That’s why pets are not only permitted in the apartments – hey are most welcomed! We’ve found they help our residents thrive daily. Research suggests that in addition to providing companionship, pets can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower instances of stress, depression, and loneliness in their owners.

10300868_10204413047865236_7648128467184351274_nOur pet friendly landscaping plan includes a dog run designed to allow you and your dog a chance to be outside and enjoy some time off of their leash. We are happy to provide assistance caring for your pet!

Our Pet Concierge service is available to help manage those tasks. We can even help you keep up to date on your furry friend’s medical and grooming needs.

Just ask us anything about caring for your pet’s needs and we will make sure you get the answers and help you need today.