Rcare State of the Art Call & Communication System is simply summoning help with the touch of a button is one main reason for choosing an assisted living community. Traditionally buttons are found in bathrooms and at bedsides. Yet today’s technology enables us to quickly identify the resident’s location — whether sitting in their living room, chatting in the lounge or visiting on their patio.

Rcare is our portable, private and personal, communication system via personal pendants and community-wide wi-fi. Wellness partners’ mobile devices give immediate access to care plans, timed medicine reminders, daily notes, or scheduled appointments right at their fingertips.

The Rcare sticker affixed on the apartment’s inside door frame is scanned upon entrance and immediately pulls up that resident’s specific information. Another scan done upon exiting, prompts wellness partners to select the appropriate action or add notes, concerns or items for future monitoring. Automatic recording of time and length of resident encounters to assure proper staff coverage.

Waterproof pendants or wrist bands are worn ensuring help can be summoned to their whereabouts anywhere in the community – patio, courtyard, common areas or even the parking lot. Response time is reduced because calls/messages can be retrieved by partner while en route and can notify others a partner is already responding. The text message capacity assures privacy of the situation, alleviating the potential to overhear a resident’s medical or personal needs.

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Vivian Helm