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With the holiday lights and decorations packed away and the calendar showing more open spaces, winter seems to have taken hold. Truly, I love living in a climate that has four seasons. However, post-holiday, there’s nothing like a roaring fire and taking up something new to keep one’s spirits lifted.

We, as humans, mimic nature, tending to burrow inside, crave warm beverages and prefer hot meals, and maybe become more sedentary. Unlike seniors still living in their own homes, the changing weather or dropping temperatures no longer dictate how the Residents of Stillwater Senior Living can enjoy the day. Stillwater’s Coffee bar makes it easy to grab a hot chocolate, latte or coffee. Our menu offers hot meals when you want it. Stillwater’s antidote to winter is to pump up its calendar. Beyond the regularchair yoga, music therapy, walking and book club, devotions and engaging performances, there new experiences to welcome this New Year!

You may have seen our Facebook page w photos of the Resident’s penguin cookies, which was small salute to the wintery weather and a quite tasty afternoon treat!

Stillwater’s welcoming fire literally warms my heart and body when I visit mom. Likewise, I’m thrilled to find hermaking clay pens with other Residents. The time flew by filled with bright colors, shared creativity and was a totally new experience for manyResidents. Possibly the only clay my mom had ever touched was outdoors as she and my day laid out vegetable and flower gardens at their home. Tess, who planned the activity, made some extras for those Residents who missed the activity. It was the topic of conversation as Residents proudly showed off their creations. Many of our staff worked alongside creating their own which you can easily spot as they do their work.

Despite the rise of computer, tablet, and phone keyboards, most seniors still rely on the proven, reliable writing tool to address greeting cards, sign checks and play crossword or seek and find puzzles. All are activities that fill up time and are so beneficial to one’s mental acuity.

Take a look at our snazzy new pens, it may have you reaching for the clay, too!