Kathy Long
Meet Kathy Long, the President of Stillwater Senior Living. Born and raised in Highland, Illinois, Kathy now calls Edwardsville home. With over thirty years of experience assisting people in finding their "home," Kathy's expertise and passion have been invaluable in her role at Stillwater. Kathy currently serves as a commercial and residential real estate developer, bringing her wealth of knowledge and skills to the table. Additionally, Kathy is a Certified Dementia Care Instructor, reflecting her commitment to understanding and meeting the unique needs of individuals with memory challenges. For Kathy, Stillwater Senior Living represents a culmination of her professional talents, experiences, and deep love for family. Inspired by a cherished memory of her grandmother's reassurance that she would watch over her from Heaven, Kathy is driven to create a loving "home" for grandmothers and grandfathers. Guided by her faith in God and supported by a strong family bond, Kathy firmly believes in the power of persistence, emphasizing that it can carry one further than talent and knowledge alone. Throughout her journey from a young real estate agent to a small business owner, Kathy learned firsthand the importance of hiring the right employees and nurturing their professional growth. At Stillwater, she has carefully handpicked a dedicated staff, ensuring that they align with the values and vision of the community. This synergy, combined with a property surrounded by nature and complemented by desirable amenities, creates a vibrant community that offers active lifestyle options for its residents. Kathy hopes parents like her own and yours will find joy and fulfillment in the Stillwater Senior Living community. With her leadership and dedication, she strives to create a place where residents can truly enjoy life to the fullest.
I founded Stillwater Senior Living with a mission to offer compassionate care and meaningful activities that embody Christ's love for both present and future generations. It is my hope that our community will provide a safe and comfortable home for our residents and promote their overall well-being.