10 Healthy Hobbies for Seniors

hobbies for seniorsHobbies are a great way for retired citizens to stay active, both physically and mentally and the importance of having a hobby in our golden years is backed up by an increasing body of evidence. If you or a loved one are considering what to do with your retirement years, here are 10 healthy hobbies seniors can start/develop.

1) Volunteering

One of the most detrimental effects of retirement is it tends to make people feel like they are no longer useful. It often leads to them feeling cut off from society, which in turn leads to depression and a variety of health issues. Volunteering can combat those feelings by giving seniors a purpose again and a way to become active in the community.

2) Exercise

We’re all told to exercise and maintain physical activity throughout our lives and it’s even more important to continue doing so as we age. From walking to yoga there’s something for everyone, including those whose mobility is limited as they get older. Swimming is especially popular among seniors who often suffer from joint pain as a result of lost cartilage.

3) Gardening

Many studies have been done on the health benefits of gardening. To start with, it gets you outside and moving, both things that are known to boost mood, immune system function, and overall health. You can make it an even healthier activity by growing some of your favorite fruits and vegetables.

4) Music

Whether singing, dancing, playing a musical instrument, or all three, music is a great way to keep minds and bodies feeling young. It’s enjoyable, provides mental and physical stimulation, and can be done with a partner or in a group for an added social aspect.

5) Games

Psychologists have long known about the long-term health benefits of things like crossword puzzles and that continues to be true for all mentally challenging games. People of all ages who play games like Scrabble and chess exhibit enhanced cognitive function.

6) Arts and Crafts

There’s nothing like creating something with your own hands. Arts and crafts can keep seniors active, maintain/improve their coordination, and provide a creative outlet for their thoughts and feelings.

7) Learn a New Skill

They say you learn something new everyday and that should remain true right up until the end. If you’ve always wondered how to identify birds or poisonous plants, your retirement years just might be the perfect time to find the answers to all those questions that have been plaguing you your whole life – or the last five minutes.

8) Fermentation

If you’ve always wanted to try making your own beer or wine, there’s no time like the present.

9) Creative Writing

Writing is another form of expression and a great option for people of any age. Whether you want to use your retirement years to put together that novel you’ve always wanted to write, or just short stories for your own amusement, creative writing has proven benefits for cognitive and emotional health.

10) Keep a Pet

There’s nothing like have a living, sentient being literally depend on you for survival to make you feel needed and useful. It’s also a symbiotic relationship because having a pet is known to improve mood and immune function while reducing stress and blood pressure.

The need to stay active is so important in the life of a senior. There are many options for seniors to stay active. Here at Stillwater Senior Living, our staff can provide stimulating activities to keep our seniors engaged and occupied. 

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Mom’s New Picture

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My Mom’s new picture. Mom trained as a nurse right after WWII. Her first job was helping moms bring their babies into the world. I’ve always loved the pictures showing her in a crisp white uniform and nurse’s cap.She looked young, professional and so vibrant.

Of course, I treasure more recent pictures because of the memories they generate – the family gatherings at Christmas, celebrations for birthdays, graduations or weddings. We also have several portraits with my dad taken for their church directory.

Recently she was tickled to show me a picture taken at Stillwater Senior Living of her sporting a bright blue fuzzy hat that “matched perfectly with her outfit”. It was taken as part of a Mad Hatter Tea Party that celebrated National Mad Hatter Day. It’s one of many activities that the fill the senior living community’s activity calendar along with chair yoga, live performances by musicians and entertainers, faith gatherings, food demonstrations and more.

She looked beautiful and happy! Her natural smile is what caught me. She was having fun. Though her legendary memory is not as strong as it once was, this photo caught the essence of how much fun seniors can have in a community living setting. It’s my new favorite picture of mom because it shows her enjoying her life now. That single event brighten her day and it happened while family members were working. It also sparked a conversation about what she had been doing between our visits.

And this is among the reasons we moved her. More activities, better food, larger apartment furnished with treasures and photos from her life. Yes, she has therapy and that’s tiring. Some days are better than others, but whether I show up at 9 in the morning or even 8 at night, I find comfort in the staff who are there to assist her 24 hours a day. It’s a trusting partnership we have — caring for our mom. Their ages and faces are diverse, but their goals are in sync with ours, the family… to ensure care, comfort with a dash of fun are hers as she ages.

From one resident’s family to the family at Stillwater Senior Living … THANK YOU for everything you have done and continue to do for our Mom’s and thereby, for us!

Vivian Helm