typical day in assisted livingIf you or a loved one are thinking about moving into assisted living, you probably want to know what to expect after move-in day. What does the day-to-day life of an assisted living resident look like?

Honestly, it does not look that much different from the life of any other retiree, although it might be more fun. Here is what a typical day at Stillwater Senior Living looks like:

Wake Up When You Want

Have you ever wanted to throw your alarm out the window when it wakes you up from a deep sleep? While we do not condone throwing things, one of the benefits of assisted living is the ability to wake up whenever you want. Early risers can get up to watch the sunrise, while those who do not consider themselves morning people can sleep in as late as they want.


Residents who are capable of making their own breakfast can do so in their apartment. If they need help preparing their food, or if they just want to linger over a cup of coffee with a friend, they can head to the dining hall where our staff will prepare a nutritious breakfast for them.

Morning Activities

Mornings are full of organized activities. Residents are free to create their own activities, but they are also encouraged to participate in at least one of our planned activities. Not only are they fun, they are a great way to get to know and socialize with the other residents. Some of our activities include:

  • Exercise classes
  • Board games
  • Crafting
  • Trivia games
  • Bingo


As with breakfast, residents who are capable are free to make their own lunches, but most people choose to eat lunch in the dining hall with the other residents. That way they can chat about the morning’s activities with their fellow residents.

Afternoon Visits

Visiting hours are not restricted to the afternoons, but it is a great time to visit. Our residents have had a chance to get plenty of sleep and then have a nice, relaxing morning on their own or participating in one of our planned activities. That makes the afternoon an ideal time for friends and family to visit their loved one and catch up over a cup of tea or engage in some activities of their own.


Not all our visitors choose to stay for dinner, but many do. Some choose to make dinner with their loved ones, while others join them in the dining hall where our staff can cook their meal while they focus on catching up with their loved one.


Residents are encouraged to spend the evenings winding down and getting ready for bed. Whether this means enjoying a movie or curling up with a good book, a pre-bedtime routine is as important for a good night’s sleep as a bedtime routine.

If you still have questions about daily life in assisted living, you can always reach out to ask us. We are always happy to talk about our work helping our residents live their lives to the fullest for as long as possible.