What Kinds of Activities Do They Provide in Assisted Living Communities?One of the biggest benefits of assisted living is all the activities they provide. Not only do those activities help keep residents physically and mentally active, but they also promote socialization and help residents get to know each other. This reduces a sense of loneliness and isolation, which is unfortunately all too common in older Americans. That, in turn, helps improve their mental health.

The kinds of activities provided in assisted living communities depend on the community, but here are some of the most common activities you can expect your loved one to benefit from if they are considering moving into assisted living.

Dance classes

Dance classes are great for the body and mind. They are a great way to get physical exercise, while being so much fun that people do not even realize how hard they are working to get those moves in!

Music also has proven beneficial for mental health and promoting a general sense of well-being, which leads nicely into our next activity.


Whether dancing, singing, playing an instrument, or just enjoying a concert, music can be a great way to bring residents together and make them feel a sense of connection. This is why most assisted living communities offer music classes and other opportunities for residents to try new instruments and show off their existing skills.

Arts and Crafts

Art has also proven beneficial for improving mental health, even when all people do is look at it. The act of creating a piece of art has the benefit of being mildly active without being strenuous. Almost everyone is capable of creating some form of art.

Art and music can both be especially beneficial for people with dementia who are losing their language capabilities. Art and music give them a great way to express themselves that does not rely on language. That expression can relieve stress and make them feel more connected to the people around them.

Arts and crafts also have the added benefit of resulting in a piece of artwork the resident can either keep for themselves or share with a loved one.

Cooking Classes

Nothing brings people together like food. Because smell and taste are so closely linked with memory, food can be a great way to help older Americans who are struggling with memory loss. You never know when a certain smell or taste will trigger a memory from decades ago. That memory can help the person remember who they are, even when they cannot remember their own name.

As with arts and crafts, another benefit of cooking classes is it gives residents the opportunity to express themselves by working with their hands, rather than using language. That can be its own kind of therapy.

At Stillwater Senior Living, we always have a variety of fun activities planned every week. If you want to know what we have going on this week, or which are our most popular activities, just reach out and ask.