You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. Today was my mom’s wedding anniversary. Sixty-seven years ago, she was slipping into a beautiful satin bridal gown, bought off the rack and altered for her to wear for her morning wedding. How fitting, that today, she was lovingly handling wedding gowns

Some residents and family members very gently deconstructed the gowns. Undoing seams, removing zippers and crinoline, but leaving behind the luxurious, gorgeous fabric to be re-purposed into infant bereavement gowns for Allison’s Angel Gowns.< This not-for-profit was established in memory of the founder’s infant daughter who lived only one day. Volunteer seamstresses create the unique outfits using fabric from donated bridal gowns or very light pastel colored bridesmaid dresses. Our residents’ volunteerism efforts today helped whittle down Allison’s Angel Gowns’ current inventory of gowns awaiting deconstruction. Their efforts were punctuated by stories about their own weddings and past sewing projects. And to the future recipient families, the gowns silently convey loving condolences from a larger community. This is one of several volunteer activities offered for resident participation. Previously we made items for a pet rescue’s upcoming auction. Additionally we encourage letter writing between our residents and school children in Zambia, Africa. You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. Making a difference in others’ lives is just one amazing element of Vibrant Living… Defined! You Can Made A Difference At Any Age. At Stillwater, we don’t want to alter your life for our convenience. Our residents won’t have to conform to a regimented schedule. Open dining and personalized assistance plans help you have the flexibility you desire. We offer as much or as little help and interaction as our residents need, and we work with families as residents’ needs change. Communication between our team and your family is key as we come together in an extended family. We want to hear what is important to you. We want you to continue to grow and learn as we support you in pursuing your goals. Help us incorporate your unique history as we build our future together by sharing your recipes, traditions, pictures, and dreams. Vivian Helm